Theta 1.1

Theta 1.1


Goral Gandhi


1 Day       


₹49000 + Taxes         

Course Objectives

The Theta 1.1 Training Course for Clinicians will include one full day Didactic Sessions on Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening & Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis & recorded Videos on Embryo Biopsy Techniques in the ART Laboratory. The main focus of this advanced one-day course will be didactic sessions on Stimulation Protocols for PGS/PGD, trouble-shooting in PGS/PGD cycles & advances in the field. As part of the course curriculum, trainees will have the opportunity to also learn laboratory aspects through pre-recorded videos and extensive case studies.

For whom it is?

This module is for those IVF physicians wishing to fine-tune their ART skill sets in the emerging field of PGD/PGS in ART. It is recommended for new IVF Clinicians looking to refresh or update their knowledge. A minimum requirement of basic working English is required.

Value Addition

The candidate will be awarded a framed certificate at the end of his training tenure.

The candidate will be eligible for an 8.5% rebate on all other ISRME Courses provided they sign up within 180 days of this course.

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