Vitrification of Oocytes and Embryos using Cryotech Vitrification Method

Vitrification of Oocytes and Embryos using Cryotech Vitrification Method


Goral Gandhi


1 Day


₹50,000 +Taxes

Induct yourself into a one-on-one training to develop knowledge and hands-on skills in all aspects of Cryotech vitrification of human oocytes and embryos. Key expert tips & tricks to achieve 100% survival gained will be imparted.  At the end of the course, the candidates will be confident to achieve near 100% survival for eggs and embryos in their laboratories.

Course Objectives

  During the course each participant receives one-on-one training to :

  • Acquire proficiency in Cryotech vitrification of human eggs
  • Acquire proficiency in Cryotech vitrification of human embryos
  • Record keeping in Cryobiology
  • Trouble shooting tips in Vitrification

Laboratory Training

The syllabus covers the following areas :

Cryotech Vitrification Techniques

  • Preparation of vitrification dishes
  • Media handling for vitrification and warming
  • Hands on training for vitrification and warming  of human oocytes and embryos
  • Storage of vitrified oocytes and embryos

Educational teaching methods

  • Interactive discussion and teaching sessions
  • Hands-on laboratory training sessions
  • Live lectures and multimedia presentations

Evaluation Of Trainee 

  • Knowledge/Theoretical Component (30%): Multiple choice questions on lab techniques linked to each course module
  • Practical Skills (50%): Tested on specific lab techniques taught during the training
  • Verbal Communication & Comprehension Skills / Integrative Component (20%): PowerPoint talk on a topic linked to a course module and viva voce
  • The performance of the candidate throughout the course will be reflected in a Report
  • Candidates who meet the training requirements and successfully complete the course work will be awarded the Training Certificate

Each participant will receive:

  • Course Syllabus with Reading Material and Lab Protocols
  • Certificate of Training (issued upon successful assessment by the instructor)
  • Daily Lunch
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