ISRME Faculty Members are the leaders in the field of IVF and ART for over 25 years


Each member of the faculty is a hand-holding guide to each trainee - taking them through their journey from start to end and beyond.


The dreams of each trainee are shared by the entire ISRME team. Your ambitions are our ambitions.

Goral Gandhi


Goral Gandhi is a Clinical Embryologist with over 20 years of experience in the field of IVF and Assisted Reproductive Techniques.  She is responsible for the design and establishment of many successful assisted conception laboratories in India and one in Ghana. She is constantly committed to maintain exceptional success rate at all these laboratories.

In her 22 years career, she has handled thousands of IVF and ICSI cases and has helped over 3500 couples complete their families. Goral has a rich experience in imparting education in IVF and has been organizing didactic lectures and hands on workshops on all aspects of IVF including IUI, ICSI, Vitrification, Trouble Shooting and Laboratory Management since the year 2000. She has trained over 350 embryologists from 13 countries.

Dr. Ankush Nandkishor Raut

Fertility Consultant

Dr Ankush Nandkishor Raut is a practicing Infertility Specialist and comes with a very rich experience of handling over 5000 infertility cases. He has anextensive experience in all infertility procedures like IUI, IVF ,ICSI, TESA, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy as well as advanced IVF protocols like IVF Lite (Mini IVF) and Segmented IVF (Freeze All approach).

Dr. Anupreeta Parag Patil


Dr. Anupreeta Parag Patil is one of the most experienced member of the team. With an experience of over 15 years in the industry and 7 years with Rotunda she is excellent in handling and monitoring third party’s at IVF Centers. Along with an expertise in IVF and reproductive and medicinal processes, she is also well versed with the new technologies that are used at the IVF centers.

Sakina Kagalwala


Sakina Kagalwala is one of the most competent embryologist from the team since 2008 and works with zest in efficacious treatment of infertile couples in our fertility organization. An expert in embryology and andrology, Sakina has hands-on training and experience in laboratory procedures and equipment’s and has also conducted several one-day training programs for vitrification

Deepa Jalal


Deepa Jalal is an experienced problem solver with a range of theoretical, technical and practical experience gained within an academic and clinical environment. She is detailed, focused, flexible and resourceful with an ability to effectively manage cases with ease. With a masters in bio-technology, Deepa excels in molecular biology techniques and IVF fertilization procedures at the ISRME laboratory.

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