The following are just some of our students that are sharing their ISRME experiences. We are pleased to find that our training is such a success and can be so beneficial to so many people, from novices to experienced individuals in the field of ART!


Dr Mukund Bhor
Pune - India
“I was very much impressed by Dr Goral Gandhi's teaching techniques of Vitrification as well as Thawing at ISRME, Mumbai.”

Dr Kapil Lall
Gurgaon - India
“It was a wonderful & excellent experience. I had full hands-on practice on embryo transfer & pick-up simulators.”

Dr Pallavi Singh
Dehradun - India
“I found this program really really helpful & beneficial. It helped me sought out all my queries & doubts.”

Mr Rakesh Shahare
Nagpur - India
“After getting this training I am very much confident about the skills of vitrification & thawing of gametes & embryos.”

Ms G Sharada Devi
Warangal - India
Sharing her experience with ISRME

Mrs Shweta Kadam
Ratnagiri - India
Sharing her experience with ISRME

Mrs Doel Pande Bose
Indore - India
“I am really very satisfied with this training. Unless you see it, it’s actually very difficult to believe it but I do believe in 100% survival using cryotech method & I hope that I too will be able to do the same in my lab.”

Dr Karthika Kumar
Cochin- India
“The two day training course was very useful. We were trained in vitrifying oocytes & embryos.”

Dr. Sheetal Gandhi
Mira Road - India
“It was a wonderful session. Hands-on training was very helpful as it makes us understand the utility of the media which can improvise our results of embryo freezing & especially oocyte freezing.”

Dr K J Siddharth
Chennai - India
“The training was very useful. I understood a lot of things & I had a good experience.”

Dr. Jeyamithra Anandkumar
Madurai - India
“The reviews on their website was very good that made me come here for the training.”

Dr Nikhil Chitnis
Mumbai - India
“Here you get to learn about tips & tricks of having a good success & a bit of embryology. I strongly recommend this course to all the clinicians who are going to start their IVF centers.”

Dr Namrata Ray
Varanasi - India
“I did ART Diploma Course from ISRME. It was a very informative & helpful course for me in my embryology practice.”

Ms Simantha D'Souza
Mumbai - India
“This training is one of the best things that has happened to me.”

Ms. Nargis Al Mahrizi
Muscat - Oman
“I find everything here was useful and answered all questions that I needed.”

Ms. Nada Al Tauqi
Muscat - Oman
“The course was very helpful, in terms of it being there for everything we needed of the course was given to us.”

Dr. Praveena Talla
Walangar - India
“I have learnt all the tips & tricks on how to go about with ICSI.”

Dr. Madhu Sharda
Jaunpur - India
“I am really satisfied with this course & I feel each and everyone should receive this part of knowledge.”

Dr. Preeti Kale
Pune - India
“Within 3 days of this course, I am very enlightened with a lot of information. Coming to this International School has really helped me a lot.”

Mrs. Shyni Binu
Bangalore - India
Sharing her experience with ISRME

Ms. Ashwini Tantry
Bangalore - India
“I am so glad I attended this course for vitrification. It’s made me feel really confident, not just about my vitrification techniques, but I feel more confident as an embryologist as well.”

Ms. Kalyani Patidar
Indore - India
“It was very nice & I had a wonderful experience. I have learnt new techniques with new vitrification technique.”

Dr. Salim Abbas Annas Al hasnawi
"This place is the best centre of training and I feel great to get all skills from this branch of medicine.”

Prof. Anthony Bamigboye
“It’s an eye opener, especially in the aspects of it’s didactic sessions & stimulation protocols. I would recommend clinicians all over the world to come and have a look here at ISRME centre.”

Dr. Panchdev Gupta
Mumbai - India
“All I have learnt in 2 days is only the practical, which is going to give me the best results in the future.”

Dr. Ibrahim Fricko
“It’s been an interesting experience here. My knowledge base has been elevated & I am able to relate the lectures with clinical practice.”

Ms. Anagha Karnik
Mumbai - India
“Learning vitrification & thawing from Goral ma’am is the best thing ever. I fell I’m very lucky to learn it from her.”

Dr Aruna Saxena
Delhi - India
“I give 10/10 for this Vitrification Workshop.”

Ms. Rushika Mistry
Mumbai - India
“Goral ma’am’s technique was superb. She taught us a new technique of loading on the straw, ‘The drplet Method’.”

Dr. Ibrahim Adewale Moshood
“It’s been a very good experience. I would encourage all aspiring gynecologists to pursue this this course.”

Dr. Chaitali Kadam
Nasik - India
“I am completely satisfied with this training & many of my doubts have been cleared because of this workshop.”

Dr. Suhas Mhaiskar
Kalyan - India
“I found it very interesting, informative & it has added few tips to my skills in my embryology.”

Dr. Ritu Jain
Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh - India
“I came for ISRME short course on Alpha 1.2. The learning was simply amazing. I benefited a lot.”

Dr Shilpa Dodani
Bhopal - India
“The amount of depth I have learnt from this course is marvelous. There were wonderful lectures & unlimited exposure to the lab.”

Dr Himabindu Gopisetty
Andhra Pradesh, India
‘Had a good experience on live procedures & hands-on on simulators.’ 

Dr Amit Kamat
Pune, India
‘I found the tips given by Dr Gandhi & Dr Allahbadia to be of immense help to me. I’m glad I attended this course.’

Dr Poonam Lal
Patna, India
‘One can get clear concept in clinical ART & embryology. Also, I am thankful to Goral ma’am for their guidance throughout the course.’

Dr Trupti Kharosekar
Thane, India
‘This course has helped me immensely to improvise on my basics and I strongly recommend this course to all beginners.’

Dr Suman Lal
Gurgaon, India
‘There was unlimited simulator practice on Ovum Pickup & ET which will help me in starting my IVF lab.’

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